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Limelight by coco-the-raccoon
Since I like Cry’s and Boyinaband’s song so much, I used them as painting practice! hopefully it looks this good to me in a few days.

cry turned out much better than boyinaband, i guess dramatic side views are harder than front angles!

this is the song I’m talking about if you don’t know

Cafe Club: Harlow Honeycutt by coco-the-raccoon
Cafe Club: Harlow Honeycutt
Name: Harlow Emory Honeycutt

Dessert / Drink Nickname: Strawberry Banana Crepes


Weight: 110 lbs

Personality: Harlow is a very happy person, they LIVE off of affection and making people happy. They get nervous when people around them are sad or are having a hard time, and will do whatever they can think of to make that person happy again. Harlow sees no shame in showing affection in front of people, even if just in a platonic matter, and will get super exited when someone shows affection back.

Likes: Sweet drinks, sunny days, 'fancy' clothing, happy people, good moods, and affection.

Dislikes: Serious moods, crying, having to conform to one gender, ignorant people, being chained down to only showing one person affection.

Kind - they're really nice to everyone they get to meet, the first impression is important!!
Honest - They're really bad at lying, so if you want to know something and they actually know the answer, they'll have no problem telling you!
Affectionate - They thrive off of giving people affection, and will gladly cuddle the heck out of you if given the chance.
Reliable - If you tell them that you forgot to bake 5 batches of cupcakes and need them tomorrow, U good. they got ur back.
patient - has a high tolerance when it comes to people needing to talk and such.

Time management - They'll get caught up with one thing, and yet still have a million things to do that day.
Strength - despite their endless energy, they're very weak physically. 
curious - They tend to annoy people with this fact, always asking questions when they don't know something.
Family - they don't like to bring this up very much, as they don't get along well with anyone but their siblings. 
Pushover - They cant really say no to anyone!

Background / History: Harlow was born into a "normal" family that lived in the city. Their parents picked gender neutral names for them since they didn't want to know the sex until the baby was born, that came in handy later on at least! Harlow's father and mother were very strict with gender roles and enforcing them onto them since Harlow was the oldest of 3 children, and wanted the younger siblings to have a 'correct' role model. Since that's obviously not how Harlow turned out, the adults in the family don't speak to Harlow much, and their parents wont let them leave the house much, unless they're dressed to what they think is correct. Due to this Harlow seeked to find some sort of excuse to leave the house more often, finding the Cafe club was the jackpot! though some days they have to change into their outfit for that day at the club, its much better than wasting their days stuck in their room. 

Relationships: smooching Aeron lots 
--Sexual Orientation: Panromantic, Demisexual, also Polyamorous 

Extras: They are ok with any pronouns! They/ Her / Him all work!!



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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Everything you need to know about gettin a commission from me is here! :…
If you want something drawn that's NOT on that list feel free to note me about it! I'm sure id be happy to draw it for you c: 

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